Only 38% Of GOP Support Adding More Justices

( )- Yet again, Democrats are making proposals that could significantly alter America, even though a majority of Americans don’t agree with what they’re doing.

A recent Ipsos poll that was conducted for Reuters found that only 38% of Americans supported expanding the size of the Supreme Court. Among those polled, 42% said they would be opposed to the court expanding by four more justices, with the rest said they were unsure.

Democrats have been touting packing the court with more justices as a way to counteract the fact that former President Donald Trump successfully nominated and had confirmed three justices to the high court. That tilted the court to a 6-3 majority for justices who were appointed by conservative presidents.

Members of the progressive left have said the government should expand the court to 13 members. That would allow President Joe Biden to appoint all four new justices, giving liberals in essence a 7-6 majority.

Just last week, four Democrats in the House of Representatives introduced legislation that would expand the court to 13. It’s unsure if the proposal would even pass, but it gives you a glimpse into how serious Democrats are about rigging the Supreme Court.

While Biden was noncommittal about court packing during his campaign leading up to the 2020 presidential election, he has made some moves that indicates he supports it.

Recently, he formed a “bipartisan” committee that is being tasked with analyzing various potential reforms to the Supreme Court. This includes not only potentially adding more justices, but putting in term limits as well. Right now, Supreme Court justices serve for life.

That last point is one that many Americans do seem to support. According to the Reuters poll, 63% of American adults supported either age limits or term limits for justices. Only 22% said they would oppose these limits, while the rest said they didn’t have an opinion on the matter.

Congress has the ability to change the number of justices who serve on the Supreme Court. The court has operated with nine justices since 1869. Before then, the number of justices varied.

Constitutional scholars have said, though, that in order to install term limits or age limits on justices, they believe a Constitutional amendment would need to be passed. That would be a tougher hill to climb for Democrats in Congress.

While most Americans don’t seem to support court packing as a policy, they do seem open to the possibility that some changes need to be implemented.

The poll also found that nearly half of all Americans (49%) have either a “fair amount” or “great deal” of confidence in decisions that Supreme Court justices make.

Only 43% of the same people polled said they had that level of trust in decisions made by the White House — regardless of the party in control. Finally, only 32% said they had that level of confidence in decisions Congress makes.

In other words, despite Democrats saying major changes need to be made, Americans have the highest level of confidence in current Supreme Court justices — way more than the president or Congress members themselves.