Only 2% Of Parents With Pre-Teens Hold A Biblical Worldview

( )- Christianity is apparently on the decline, with a new survey revealing that many Americans who consider themselves to be Christians actually subscribe to a worldview that may be better described as “syncretism.”

The term refers to a blending of different worldviews in which no single philosophy is dominant. It suggests that politics may have become as important as religion in the United States, and that people no longer consider Judeo-Christian values to be the central driver to Western civilization.

According to a survey by the American Worldview Inventory in 2022, performed by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University, only 2% of parents of pre-teens actually have a worldview that could be accurately described as “biblical.”

“It seems that most pre-teen parents are unaware – or certainly unfazed – by the contradiction between calling themselves ‘Christian,’ but living in ways that repudiate the teachings of Jesus and the principles in the Bible,” George Barna, the author of the report said.

The polling results, Barna added, show that not only are a majority of today’s parents are Millennials – which is the adult generation least likely to have a Biblical worldview – but that 94% of parents of pre-teens would be considered Syncretistic.

67% of parents of pre-teens, however, described themselves as Christian – but when probed further, were revealed to have a much broader worldview.

Barna also claimed that few parents he spoke to were actively considering the worldview development of their children, and that over nine out of 10 parents of pre-teen children had a “muddled” worldview.

This can’t possibly be good, right?