Olympic Athlete Traitor Has Her Racist Past Exposed

(RoyalPatriot.com )- America-hating Olympian Gwen Berry isn’t a particularly pleasant person. This probably isn’t much of a surprise. The self-centered, petulant, bronze-medalist hammer thrower who, during the medal ceremony for the Olympic trials, turned her back on the flag during the playing of the National Anthem, has a history of making inappropriate jokes on Twitter.

The National Post searched through Berry’s Twitter history and discovered the extensive use of the term “retard,” as well as off-color comments directed at white people, Mexicans and Asians.

The Asian insults probably won’t go over well at the Tokyo Olympics.

While many of the tweets are a decade old, they certainly don’t look good for someone who claims to be a social justice “activist athlete.”

Although it is probably fair to say Berry’s pose as a social justice “activist athlete” is probably nothing more than an attention-seeking ploy from an immature brat. So the tweets seem right in line with her personality.

Berry’s stunt at last week’s trials caused a blowback with many demanding that she be removed from the US Olympic Team. However Berry vows that she will go to Tokyo and compete.

Don’t expect USA Track and Field, nor Berry’s corporate sponsor Puma to distance themselves from her. America-bashing athletes who disrespect the flag are not exactly radioactive with today’s mainstream and corporate culture.

And unlike conservative athletes or celebrities who get destroyed by decades-old tweets, the revelations in Berry’s old tweets will not even be a blip on the radar.

The fact is, nobody’s decades old tweets should matter.

As radio host Jesse Kelly said over the weekend, he doesn’t care about Gwen Berry’s old jokes; what bothers him is the fact than “an anti-American, ungrateful scumbag is representing my country.”

Berry maintains that she never said she hated America. But she doesn’t have to say it when her actions say it for her rather loudly.

Last week, Berry told CNN she hasn’t decided whether or not she would launch a protest against America while at the Olympics. The petulant bronze medalist, who came to the medal platform toting an “Activist Athlete” T-shirt, told host Don Lemon that “you know everything is spur of the moment.” Berry told Lemon that if she decides “in that moment” what she wants to “do for my people,” she’ll do it.

And by “my people,” Gwen Berry doesn’t mean all Americans.