Oklahoma Governor Hosts BBQ Near Vegan Billboard

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Republican Governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stott, trolled vegans badly last week, hosting a BBQ cookout near a billboard that criticized his vocal support for his state’s agriculture industry. Governor Stitt posted a photograph of a billboard criticizing his policies on Wednesday, which featured a picture of a cow and a message reading, “Oklahoma, home of the meathead Gov. Kevin Stitt!”

Governor Stitt commented, “Looks like a great spot to grill some burgers…”

And that’s exactly what he did.

Governor Stitt arrived with a grill and an apron which read, “Beef…it’s what’s for dinner.”

The billboard was funded by PETA, the extreme animal rights organization that campaigns to put animals on the same footing as humans. Their campaign is targeted towards meat-eaters and intended to somehow win people over to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Calling meat-eaters “meatheads” might not exactly be a winning strategy.

PETA launched the billboard campaign after Governor Stitt declared a “Meat All Week” week in March, encouraging people to eat more week during March in response to Colorado Governor Jared Polis’s launch of a meat-free day on March 20.

“You know we’re just having a lot of fun out here. We’re supporting our agricultural industry here in Oklahoma. You know agriculture is such a huge part of our state. It actually employs 110,000 Oklahomans,” Governor Stitt said on the day.

He added that he was enthusiastic to support his state’s huge agricultural industry and defend farmers in his state.

Barstool Sports reviewed the cookout in detail, taking photographs and videos of the cooking and offering thoughts on their website.

“We’ll start off talking about the steaks. To me it just looks a little too freestyle. He doesn’t seem to have any sort of care for how he’s placing those steaks on the grill. He’s more or less just throwing them on there,” the site said.