Officials Caught Selling Access To Hillary Clinton

( )- In an exclusive report from Fox News, in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election, former Ukrainian prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko told an Obama State Department official that a Hunter Biden-linked lobbying firm, Blue Star Strategies, had offered to give him access to “high levels” of the Clinton campaign.

Fox obtained emails between former State Department official George Kent and others within the Obama State Department. These emails, obtained last week by Citizens United through the Freedom of Information Act reveal that Kent, former deputy assistance secretary of state for Europe and Eastern Europe, wrote to several Obama administration officials about a meeting he had with Lutsenko in the fall of 2016.

According to a September 2016 email from Kent, Blue Star Strategies CEO Karen Tramantano pitched to Lutsenko that she could get him access to high levels of the Clinton campaign. According to Kent’s email, Lutsenko told Kent that he did not know who was paying Blue Star in setting up this “high level” access.

Kent notes in the email that Tramantano was formerly John Podesta’s deputy chief of staff when Podesta worked in the Clinton White House).

Lutsenko, according to Kent, found Tramantano’s offer “appealing” – given that Podesta would most likely become Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff upon her election victory.

It was Hunter Biden who first introduced Blue Star Strategies to the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma shortly after Hunter joined the board in 2014. Blue Star began working with Burisma to fight the corruption charges the company was facing.

Burisma founder Mykola Zlochevsky was also under investigation in Ukraine. The prosecutor in that case, Viktor Shokin, was fired from his job in the spring of 2016 and the man who replaced him was none other than Yuriy Lutsenko.

In 2018, Joe Biden bragged about his role in getting Shokin fired – claiming he threatened to withhold U.S. Aid to Ukraine until Shokin was removed.

Last week Politico reported that the Justice Department is investigating Blue Star Strategies for potential illegal lobbying. Though the investigation appears to be linked to what Politico calls “Republican operatives’ efforts” to investigate Hunter Biden and Burisma, the outlet does concede that any investigation into Blue Star is just as likely to cause legal difficulties for firms and “operatives” on the Democrat side as well.