Ocasio-Cortez To Leave D.C. On A New Mission To Target Republicans In Texas

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced on Friday that she will be traveling to Texas to attend rallies in support of fellow left-wing Democrats running in next month’s Democratic primary.

Writing on Twitter, AOC seemed to suggest that Texans would be pleased to see her.

“Texans, are you ready?” she asked. “We’re coming in for a major DOUBLE-RALLY next Saturday, Feb 12th…This one’s going to be special.”

Well, Texans. Are you ready for the nation’s most controversial and ill-informed socialist to rally in your state?

AOC will be supporting Democratic primary challengers Jessica Cisneros and Greg Casar, who are looking to unseat incumbent Democrats and become the latest members of AOC’s “Squad.”

Back in 2020, Jessica Cisneros was beaten by Rep. Henry Cuellar, Democratic representative for Texas’ 28th Congressional District, but just four points. In the wake of the recent scandal involving an FBI raid of his home in January, however, Cisneros is in with a chance of beating him this time around. Cuellar has not been charged with a crime and details on the investigation are scarce.

Cisneros effectively admitted to plotting to become the latest member of the Squad, announcing that she was excited that AOC is “ready to work alongside us” and “finally bring true representation to South Texas families.”

You know, because Republicans apparently aren’t representative of this incredible Republican state…

Casar also said he was “honored” to have AOC’s support as he runs for Texas’ 35th Congressional District.

He also claimed that AOC “boldly fights for working families every single day.”

Perhaps he missed the time that she blocked Amazon from bringing thousands of jobs to her district in New York as one of her first acts in office…