Ocasio-Cortez Says It’s Time To Nuke The Filibuster

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t seem to realize that she is not a member of the United States Senate. What’s more, she appears to be unclear on what the role of the Senate is in our Constitutional system of government.

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Ocasio-Cortez railed against Arizona Senate Democrat Kyrsten Sinema over Sinema’s defense of the Senate filibuster rule.

In an op-ed last week, Senator Sinema made the argument that without the filibuster, government policy would bounce from one extreme to the other based on who held a simple majority in the Senate.

Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t care. To her way of thinking, Democrats should jam through every bit of their radical agenda with only the barest majority regardless of what happens in the future.

Claiming Sinema’s argument is “essentially” saying “why do anything at all,” Ocasio Cortez claims that once enacted, Democrat policies are popular. Therefore nuke the filibuster and full steam ahead.

“Once they are enacted,” the New York socialist explained, “they are politically difficult to undo.”

Ocasio-Cortez went on to claim that “our job is to help people.”

No, it’s not. Congress isn’t a charity. It is a legislative body that must adhere to the US Constitution. Ocasio-Cortez’s job is to represent the people in her district. Sinema’s job is to represent her state’s government. And Arizona has a Republican government.

It is frankly absurd for Meet the Press host Chuck Todd to ask a member of the House of Representatives about the Senate filibuster at all, let alone ask a House member who has absolutely no understanding of the Senate’s purpose.

But while it’s absurd, it isn’t surprising.

The American activist media want the filibuster nuked. This is a pressure campaign, not a civics lesson. So they don’t need to interview someone who has a clue about civics. They just need a reliable advocate to parrot their talking points. And the clueless Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the perfect parrot to do it.