Obama Wants Government To Target The Internet Next

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Former President Barack Obama wants new, extreme internet controls – and he thinks you’re “crazy.”

On Wednesday, the 60-year-old former president spoke with Jeffrey Goldberg, editor at the Atlantic, during an event hosted by the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics. Obama said that he believes there is a good argument in favor of controlling what kind of content can be posted on the internet, claiming that there is a “demand for crazy” online that must be grappled with.

You know what he means by that, right? He’s not talking about insane social justice warriors who see racism in everything. He’s talking about Republicans.

Obama then went on to claim that “misinformation” – a term that’s entirely subjective and is generally used by Democrats to refer to real information that they don’t like or which hurts their agenda – is hurting American democracy and that those who are concerned about evidence of election fraud in 2020 are just plain conspiracy theories.

Obama claimed, without evidence, that there is a “systematic effort to either promote false information, to suppress true information, for the purpose of political gain, financial gain, enhancing power, suppressing others, targeting those you don’t like.”

Interesting. That sounds a lot like his own party and even a lot like his own office. After all, we already know that he spied on the Trump campaign.

He also said that the rise of the use of smartphones has resulted in an “erosion of accountability norms and standards in political life.”

This is scary stuff, given that Obama still has a huge amount of sway in the Democratic Party. No doubt Democratic legislators have already heard him and are thinking of new ways to curtail the sharing of inconvenient information online.

Is it really a stretch to say that the Democrats want to control what you say online and in person?

It’s not, is it?

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