Obama Makes Big Endorsements Before Midterm Elections

(RoyalPatriot.com )- Democrats are getting really worried about the upcoming midterm elections. So, with less than two weeks before Election Day, liberals are deploying the big guns in hopes that they can sway voters in key swing elections.

On November 5, President Joe Biden will tour the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia regions in Pennsylvania along with his one-time boss, former President Barack Obama.

They’ll be traveling around with the Democratic nominees for Senate — current state Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman — and governor — current state Attorney General Josh Shapiro. Both are locked in very tight races with their Republican counterparts in what’s becoming two of the most-watched elections for the midterm cycle.

Pennsylvania was a critical state for Biden en route to his 2020 presidential election victory, and now it could be key to which political party ends up controlling the Senate following November’s midterm elections.

Fetterman is currently in a heated battled with Republican candidate Mehmet Oz, an election race that has been downright ugly at times. In the race for Pennsylvania governor, Shapiro has been able to consistently maintain a lead over Republican state Senator Doug Mastriano, though the gap isn’t very wide.

Biden has been a frequent visitor to Pennsylvania both when he was running back in 2020 and even after he took over as president. He’s held multiple political rallies there, and Fetterman has appeared alongside him a few times a well.

Before the November 5 trip with Obama, Biden will be joined by Vice President Kamala Harris on October 28 at a dinner fundraiser with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Fetterman will also be in attendance.

Biden was able to flip Pennsylvania to blue back in 2020, and he believes he has a good feel for the Keystone State, where he has spent a lot of time.

There are other contested elections throughout the country where Democratic candidates have wanted Biden to join them to help boost their chances. But, he has completely avoided states such as Arizona and Nevada altogether, instead going to Pennsylvania multiple times.

Just last week, Biden said he received “16 or 18” requests to join other liberal candidates for campaigns. That said, he won’t be traveling to any other state on the campaign trail for next week other than Pennsylvania.

As for Biden, he’ll be campaigning in Milwaukee, Detroit and Atlanta in a last-minute push for Democratic candidates in key national races.

Biden did appear with Colorado Senator Michael Bennet at a national monument dedication at Camp Hale earlier in October, but that was not a political event that was pushing Bennet for re-election.

Thus far, Biden hasn’t headlined any large political rallies, which used to be considered commonplace for presidents. Obama, by contrast, held 14 of those rallies at the two-year mark of his presidency leading up to midterms, while former President Donald Trump fronted 26 of them.

Biden, by contrast, has seemingly focused a majority of his attention in Pennsylvania, ignoring many other tightly-contested races throughout the country.