OANN Reporter Slams Mitch McConnell In Epic Rant

(RoyalPatriot.com )- One America News anchor Natalie Harp has been hammering the Republican establishment quite a bit recently – specifically Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

In early July, Harp called McConnell the enabler whose actions or inactions allowed the Democrats and Joe Biden to run roughshod over the country for the last six months.

Watch HERE.

And on Wednesday, Harp went after McConnell again – accusing him of failing to stop the very things that are now destroying the country.

Harp accused McConnell of turning a blind eye as Democrats undermined free and fair elections to install Joe Biden in the White House. She said McConnell could have stopped this in November, but instead, he preferred to stop Trump and the American First movement rather than stop the Democrats.

There is no argument that Mitch McConnell is a sly DC operator. The man has been in the Senate since 1985. He is, as Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse called him, “the most Machiavellian Republican in modern history.”

McConnell exploited the 2010 Tea Party revolution for his own purposes, then completely undermined the movement that brought the Tea Party to Washington in the first place. His allegiances are with the DC status quo and US Chamber of Commerce, not with the Republican base.

He’s a political operator who wields power to protect the establishment – or the “uni-party” as Sundance calls it.

When it served his purposes to work with Trump, McConnell worked with Trump. When Trump got in his way, McConnell worked against him.

Unfortunately, during his time in office, it was far more likely Trump would bend to McConnell’s will than the other way around.

Instead of endorsing Mo Brooks in the Alabama Senate race in 2018, Trump went with McConnell’s guy Luther Strange. It was a disaster. Strange wasn’t supported by the people of Alabama and lost in the runoff primary to Roy Moore. Moore, saddled by embarrassing baggage, then went on to lose an easy Republican seat to Democrat Doug Jones.

Instead of endorsing a solid America First Republican like Doug Collins in the 2020 Georgia Senate primary, Trump went with McConnell’s gal Kelly Loeffler. And as a result, Kelly Loeffler is a former Senator and Democrat Raphael Warnock holds the seat instead.

Trump believed that working with McConnell would mean McConnell would work with him. He was wrong. But at least now he knows he was wrong.