NYT Writer Confesses Biden’s Faults As Candidate

On Wednesday, a New York Times writer offered readers a dose of reality by writing an essay titled “Why So Many Americans Are Down on Biden” and listing numerous possible explanations for the president’s poor approval ratings.

The rising cost of staples like eggs and white bread was the first thing NYT writer Bret Stephens mentioned. Moreover, he said, “gas prices have increased by 63% since January 2021, the month Biden took office.”

The Times writer said the complete picture isn’t encouraging. Stephens stated that it’s clear to see that Americans are worried about topics that don’t make headlines or statistics very often. He continued by saying it was evident the White House wasn’t bragging about those figures.

The inflation that regular people experience is not something the Biden administration likes to highlight.

The “destruction of public order,” the border situation, fears about Biden’s age, and “a humiliating Afghanistan pullout” were all mentioned by Stephens.

It was also noted that the President certainly does not seem youthful for his age. The unnaturally stiff walk and the frequent tumbles. The blatant lack of focus when he can’t seem to finish an idea or has a mental block. When it comes to the president’s health, however, the same individuals who are shouting #ResignFeinstein and #ResignMcConnell don’t seem to be very vociferous, as if they are aware of the apparent hazards involved in repeating a Republican talking point, as he noted.

Stephens said that people could “easily observe” issues like rising crime in major cities around the United States and the prevalence of tent communities in areas like New York.

He noted that none of the destruction he listed is permanent, and not all is Biden’s responsibility. However, “there is far more ruin than his supporters, who are blinded by selective data and overly sure about the president’s prospects next year, want to accept,” he said.

Several surveys revealed that in a hypothetical rematch between Biden and former President Donald Trump, the current frontrunner of the GOP, the two candidates were essentially matched, prompting media members and others to doubt the president’s skills.