NYT Author Issues Warning To Dems On Major Policy

A top writer for the New York Times claims that Americans were duped by President Lyndon Johnson’s pro-migration statute of 1965.

According to Devid Leonhardt, the current immigration system was marketed to Americans based in part on false pretenses by Pro-immigration supporters such as Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) and LBJ.

They vowed more than once that immigration levels would not change. They were only adjusting the balance. They argued that assuming this would cause more people to migrate to the United States was unreasonable. The law’s proponents were also mistaken since it triggered a massive influx of new immigrants.

Leonhardt wants Democrats to embrace a balanced immigration stance.

The 1965 statute is frequently cited as proof that America is a ‘Nation of Immigrants.’ Most Americans dismiss the claim.

Since 1965, immigrants have increased their demographic share to 15%, and their offspring accounted for 25% of births in 2009. That massive population rise has lowered incomes, raised home costs, and ended the 1960s financial security experienced by most Americans.

Since 2021, Biden and his pro-illegal immigration chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, have accepted over four million.

According to a report, the Democrat Party used to be for worker safety and livable wages. Not anymore. Globalists and corporate elitists own the Democrats. It outsources employment to countries without worker rights.

Reports show vast numbers of unaccompanied girls and boys are crossing the border. These youngsters are exploited as cheap labor for the nation’s dirtiest occupations.

Unaccompanied youngsters detained by DHS must be transferred to HHS shelters by law. Minors buy fake IDs from brokers who sell them nationwide.

An anonymous source told AND Magazine that roughly one-third of the young males at a Texas federal immigration processing center for minors knew where they would work before being released.

This is Joe Biden’s immigration policy. It is claimed to be a charity for the impoverished, but it’s not. It’s an industrial-scale feeding of vulnerable children to an apparatus that degrades and impoverishes them. It is cold and calculated. It is slavery.