NYC Highway Shut Down By Radical Climate Activists

( )- The nut-jobs from “Extinction Rebellion NYC” decided to win over the hearts and minds of New York City commuters by blocking traffic on an extremely busy highway during Monday morning rush hour.

Yeah, that’ll win folks to their cause.

The idiots blocked off the West Side Highway and FDR Drive, leaving commuters stuck while vehicle exhaust burped out of their idling cars.

Extinction Rebellion NYC posted on Twitter that they weren’t annoying the living daylights out of NYC commuters “to annoy you.” No, their goal was to force these people to “confront the true dangers of unchecked climate change” by sitting in idling vehicles burping exhaust into the air.

Common sense is apparently extinct among Extinction Rebellion.

See, they’re super upset that the $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” monstrosity isn’t going far enough to save the world from extinction. And apparently pissing people off by making them late for work and school was supposed to solve the problem.

New York City already has traffic nightmares. Commuters blocked by these short-sighted idiots probably weren’t convinced to join their cause.

In fact, a number of the drivers got pretty furious with these dopes. One mother, who was trying to get her daughter to school before work, tried to get them to move, arguing that her 8-year-old daughter is a straight-A student and those morons were ruining it for her if she missed school because of their antics. What’s more, she would lose her job if she couldn’t get to work.

But Extinction Rebellion didn’t care.

The fools held these commuters hostage for almost three hours. At least 33 of them were arrested. Or so they claim.

The group also shut down the southbound lanes of 12th Avenue at West 34th Street. Police received numerous complaints of school buses stuck in traffic. At one point, a truck driver began revving his engine at the protesters. One of the dopes from Extinction Rebellion started pounding on the truck window and yelling at the guy asking, “What kind of an a**hole are you?”

Well, not the kind of a**hole who blocks traffic for three hours.