NYC Driver Plows Into Pedestrians On New Year’s Eve

An automobile plowed into a crowd of New Year’s Eve revelers outside Madison Square Garden in New York City, injuring about nine persons; a suspect is in police custody.

The New York City Fire Department reported that the event occurred close to the intersection of 9th Avenue and West 34th Street. According to a report, authorities have classified it as a mass casualty incident.

The driver is said to have swerved onto the sidewalk, eventually coming to a halt, causing a number of civilians and police officers to be struck simultaneously.

The report revealed that an individual whose identity has been revealed as a 44-year-old man was involved in a confrontation with another individual when police arrived at the scene at the intersection of 7th Avenue and West 33rd Street.

After cops attempted to re-insert themselves, the assailant got back in the car and crashed into their cars as well as a food truck, pressing a lady under it. Upon arrival at Bellevue Hospital, the victim’s status was reported as stable.

There was a jumble of automobiles on the roadway, and one of the images shows what looks to be law enforcement agents evaluating the situation.

Law enforcement personnel finally apprehended the driver near the intersection of West 34th and 9th. In addition, his condition was considered to be stable when he was transported to the hospital.

​​The collision demolished the façade of the Peruvian eatery Chirp.

Boris Torres, owner of Chirp, expressed his distress that he now had to deal with this as things were starting up again after COVID. On the eve of the new year three years ago, they were robbed. He said that uncertainty seems to accompany the arrival of each new year.

The camera footage from local news shows the location where the event took place, which is littered with trash that is strewn over the street and walkways. According to the source, three police officers sustained injuries during the event. Nevertheless, their conditions remained stable. ABC News reports that as people were ringing in the New Year, law enforcement agencies around the country were on “high alert.”