NY Democrat Turns Himself In Amid Assault Allegations

(RoyalPatriot)- Another day, another Democrat in trouble with the police. This time, it’s a New York Democratic state senator who turned himself into the police this week over allegations that he choked his wife.

Well, at least he’s consistent with the “believe all women” idea, right?

State Senator Luis Sepulveda was accused of putting his hands on his wife’s throat on January 9 during a domestic argument, according to The Washington Free Beacon. Sepulveda has been charged with criminal obstruction of breathing.

And this is no instance of an unknown political candidate getting in trouble with the law, either. Sepulveda previously appeared on the website of presidential campaign website for far-left Senator Bernie Sanders. He was also the first member of the state assembly to endorse Bill de Blasio in 2013 primary to become Mayor of New York City.

And, according to the Free Beacon, Sepulveda has since maintained a close relationship with the mayor and has appeared regularly at fundraising events with him. In 2018, de Blasio was a speaker at an election night party that celebrated Sepulveda’s win.

The New York Post reports how Sepulveda reportedly choked his wife when she punched him during an argument in a Daly Avenue apartment. Injuries were reportedly not serious and there was no bruising seen on either Sepulveda or his wife.

Following the incident, both he and his wife filed separate reports with the police, both accusing the other of starting the fight and hurting the other.

Republican minority leader Rob Ortt in the New York state senate condemned Sepulveda, calling attention to the fact that as an accused abuser, he has no place running a committee that advocates the rights of crime victims.

“As chair of the Crime Victims, Crime, and Correction Committee, Senator Sepulveda has an obligation to protect vulnerable individuals. As an alleged abuser himself, he has no right leading that committee, and these allegations must be promptly investigated. If these allegations are true, he should resign immediately,” Ortt said.

Incredibly, Sepulveda’s colleagues have even called him out and said that this isn’t the first time he has been accused of hurting a woman.

Nathalia Fernandez, a fellow member of the New York state senate, tweeted that this isn’t the first time he has been accused of something like this and that the party needs new leadership in the state.

“We need leadership that empowers women – I’m calling for the Senator to submit his resignation,” she said.

When Republicans and Democrats are united on something in this climate…you know there’s something really going on there.