NY Blames MIGRANTS For Rising CRIME!

Residents of New York City are hopping mad about the rising crime in their burg, and increasingly they’re blaming the migrants who have been recently flowing into the city, according to a new poll. This turn in public sentiment comes even as stats recently released by the NYPD shows that crime in the city has actually fallen since the start of 2024.

The new poll, commissioned by Newsweek from the Redfield & Wilton Strategies polling firm and conducted last Friday, asked 974 eligible New York City voters about a variety of issues faced by their home city and the nation as a whole. The questions included inquiries about the poll participants’ feelings on the crime rate and whether they felt as if the recent influx of migrants is having an effect on the situation.

Over 70 percent of those polled blamed migrants for the current crime rate in the city. 41 percent of those polled said immigration “significantly” impacting the situation, and 31 percent said that they believed the size of the effect was “a fair amount.” The remaining group was split between 18 percent who believed that immigration was only having a “small” impact, and 10 percent who believed it wasn’t having any impact at all.

The New York Police Department (NYPD) released its crime data for April earlier this month. Among other things it said that crime across New York City crime was down 4.9 percent when comparing April of 2024 to April of 2023. The decline included reports of such crimes as grand theft auto, burglary, murder, and felony assault. There were, the report said, 15.5 percent fewer shootings, 13.8 percent fewer shooting victims, and 15.9 percent percent fewer murder victims.

Even though the overall rates of crime are down, high-profile incidents keep happening. This month, six immigrants arrested for attacking cops in Time Square were offered plea deals, while in February, the public was outraged when a group of undocumented immigrants attacked officials from the NYPD.