Lucy Letby is a former nurse who is currently standing trial before the Manchester Crown Court on the charge of attempted murder. She has long held that she did not tamper with the breathing tube attached to a premature baby in the neonatal ward of Countess of Chester Hospital, nor did she have anything to do with the near-death of a child known as “Baby K” while she was working the unit’s night shift on the 17th of February, 2016.

Prosecutors, however, say that she was caught almost-red-handed by a doctor on the ward.

This is not Letby’s first trial for murderous malfeasance.

The 34 year-old former hospital worker received a conviction in August of 2023 for murdering seven infants and attempting to extinguish the lives of six more in an eleven month period stretching from July of 2015 to June of 2016. She employed a variety of tactics, such as injecting milk, air, or insulin into the bodies of the infants, inducing an embolism that led to sudden deterioration. She also battered one baby, resulting in a liver injury similar to what one might expect to see from the victim of a traffic accident. All but one of her seventeen victims were premature babies.

The jury in that trial, however, was unable to reach a consensus regarding the attempted murder of Baby K, so the judge ordered a retrial. In the current matter, Letby stands accused of removing the endotracheal breathing tube from an infant’s body less than two hours after the baby was born. Letby, however, has maintained to the jury that she did “nothing to harm” Baby K.

Prosecutors, on the other hand, assert that Dr. Ravi Jayaram, a senior physician on the unit, virtually caught Letby red-handed when he strolled into the intensive care nursery room at approximately 3:45 in the morning. Jayaram allegedly saw Letby ignoring the infant as its blood-oxygen saturation level plummeted. Alarms on the computer monitor failed to sound as they should have.