Numbers Reveal Gretchen Whitmer Has Failed Her State

( )- Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who became famous in 2020 for her strict lockdown of her state that banned residents from even doing gardening work in their yard, is facing fresh criticism after it was revealed that her state is enduring the slowest recovery from her COVID-19 response.

According to a study from WalletHub, the state of Michigan is severely lagging behind other states on rebuilding its leisure and travel industries, its overall economy and labor market, and on the general health of its resident with regards to COVID-19. Every metric used in the study was given a weighted value of points up to a maximum score of 100.

Michigan came last with the lowest total score out of all 50 states in the country, and came 47th for COVID health, 47th for Leisure and Travel, and 44th for Economy and Labor Market.

West Virginia came second last and Oregon third.

In contrast, Iowa came first with an overall score of 75.25.

It’s a direct result of Governor Whitmer’s leadership and policies implemented in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Republican Congressman for Michigan Bill Huizenga said that his state is experiencing the slowest recovery because of “misguided policies and hypocritical leadership” in the state, no doubt referring to the multiple scandals whereby Whitmer appeared to break her own rules.

Most recently it was revealed that Whitmer along with two members of her staff traveled to Florida, a state that relaxed its COVID restrictions long before most other states, despite telling state residents not to leave.

Whitmer’s rules have been so strict that 56 restaurants and bars have so far been fined by the Whitmer administration for refusing to abide by her draconian orders, and a further 112 cases remain “open” with businesses preparing to receive more fines.

Do we need any more evidence that strict COVID regulations do more harm than good?