Numbers Reportedly Doctored About Immigration, Leading To Investigation

( )- Republicans in the House of Representatives are getting ready to launch multiple investigations into the Biden administration once the GOP takes control of the lower chamber of Congress come early in the new year.

On Friday, Republican Representative Pat Fallon from Texas pledged that he would head an investigation into why ICE, or the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, may have underreported how many illegal aliens had been released into the United States without tracking technology.

What Fallon was referencing was a report that the Daily Caller News Foundation first pointed out — that there was a discrepancy of 18,000% between what ICE had reported for the above and what was actually the truth.

DCNF exclusively obtained an internal document from ICE that there were 49,459 illegal immigrants who were present in the United States but not being monitored with the use of tracking equipment, as of November 14.

At the same time, there was a post on ICE’s website from November 19 that said there were only 266 illegal immigrants who fit into this category.

Fallon spoke about this discrepancy last Friday when he made an appearance on the “Fox and Friends First.” Carley Shimkus, the host of the program, asked the representative directly about the DCNF report. He responded:

“It seems to be a massive one, and we’re going to get to the bottom of it come January, because Republicans will be back in the majority, and the adults in the room will actually be asking the questions. We’re going to have, I think, a parking space just outside the Rayburn Building just for Alejandro Mayorkas.”

Fallon was making reference to Mayorkas, who serves as the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees ICE.

Republicans have been attacking various aspects of the Biden administration’s immigration policies and overall approach to immigration ever since President Joe Biden took office in early 2021. The lax approach toward immigration — and the attempt to undo years of work done by former President Donald Trump in the area — encouraged floods of people from Central and South America to try to come to the U.S.

It caused a crisis at the southern border with Mexico that hasn’t slowed down at all in the last two years. Many Republican governors of the southern border states have tried to take the matter into their own hands, with varying degrees of success.

In Washington, conservatives have long gone off on Biden and his administration for what they see as a failure to lead and do something about a major problem facing the country. Until now, though, these conservative voices didn’t hold much power in the minority.

But, come January, the GOP will have control of the House, which means the gauntlet is going to be handed down.

Fallon’s promise to investigate this matter with ICE is one of a number of different promises that have been made by various GOP representatives — all who want to investigate different aspects of the Biden administration.