NRA Launches Shocking Message To Joe Manchin

( )- The National Rifle Association is reportedly preparing a massive TV ad campaign against President Joe Biden’s pick to lead the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Specifically, the NRA is hoping to convince West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin – a Democrat who knows he risks losing the next election if he angers the few remaining pro-freedom Democrat voters in his state who elected him – to vote “no” on David Chipman to become the new head of the ATF.

Manchin, who is widely considered to be a moderate Democrat – and who has previously stood up to the Democrats and refused to vote to remove the Senate filibuster and hand control to extremists in his party – will be the focus of a $250,000 TV ad buy from the NRA.

The TV ad campaign will also encourage West Virginia voters to call Senator Manchin’s office and tell him to vote against Chipman, who is widely expected to be one of the most anti-Second Amendment heads of the ATF in American history.

Manchin has not yet confirmed whether he will support President Joe Biden’s nominee, who recently passed a vote from the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. All Republicans voted no and all Democrats voted yes.

In order to officially be confirmed to the position, however, Chipman needs the support of every single Democrat in the Senate, assuming that he doesn’t receive a single Republican vote. And as the Senate is split, far-left Vice President Kamala Harris will provide the tie-breaking vote.

So if Senator Manchin doesn’t vote to confirm Chipman, Biden may have to re-think.

Amy Hunter, a spokesperson for the NRA, told Fox that West Virginia plays an “important role” in national politics and will have a big influence over whether this confirmation goes ahead.

A new 30-second TV ad went live on July 4 and will run for 12 days.

A further $3 million has been spent by the NRA on town hall events, digital advertising, mailers, and text message canvassing.