North Korean Defector Sounds Alarms Over U.S. Schooling System

( )- A defector from North Korea has hit out at the far-left indoctrination pushed by American universities this week, claiming that even North Korea “was not this nuts.”

Yeonmi Park, a defector from North Korea who educates Westerners on the horrors that occur behind the scenes in the oppressive, communist country, described how she noticed the insanity of the American education system when she transferred to Columbia University from South Korea in 2016. Since then, she says, she has been disturbed by what is being taught in American schools.

She said during an interview this week that she was paying such a huge sum of money to learn how to think, but that instead, they are teaching people what to think.

“I realize, wow, this is insane,” she told Fox News. “I thought America was different.”

Instead, she said she saw too many similarities with what was happening in North Korea here in the United States, and it made her worries.

If a victim of North Korea is seeing similarities between the United States and her home country, shouldn’t that be a wake-up call for the Democrats? Or do the Democrats think they can become a rich, privileged, all-powerful class in a future dystopian communist America?

Yeonmi said that she immediately saw flags when she entered the school, after she saw a member of staff at the university being criticized for saying she enjoyed reading classic books by Jane Austen.

She described how members of staff warned, “Did you know those writers had a colonial mindset?”, and that Austen and other writers were “racists and bigots.”

She compared the insanity to how in North Korea, math puzzles in schools often refer to “American bastards.” Apparently, North Korea asks children if there are four “American bastards” and two are killed, how many are left?

Yeonmi also spoke about how she would occasionally get pronouns wrong, because English is her third language, and she would be scolded for that too.

You can hear her full enlightening interview here.