North Korea Attacks Israel In Sickening Move

( )- When you think of North Korea, you don’t exactly think of its opinions on or policies towards foreign nations – but a recent statement from the isolationist and secretive country appeared to suggest that the North Korean communist regime firmly sides with Hamas extremists and Islamist nations plotting to destroy the West and the only true democracy in the Middle East, Israel.

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement condemning Israel over the recent weeks-long terror campaign initiated by Hamas extremists in Gaza. The ministry condemned Israel and wrongly accused the nation of massacring children.

The statement appears to be an indication that North Korea is attempting to win favor with Islamist nations which could aid the country in its economic recovery. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un this year announced a five-year economic recovery plan that involves some liberalization of the national economy.

“Israel’s horrific crime of killing the children is a severe challenge to the future of humankind,” the statement from the North Korean Foreign Ministry said.

Incredibly, the nation that regularly kills its own citizens for dissenting against the government claimed that Israel is committing a “crime against humanity” and that the international community shouldn’t tolerate the “reckless state-sponsored terrorism” of Israel.

It’s yet another case of gaslighting.

Israel’s Iron Dome defense system is designed to intercept missiles fired by Hamas terrorists in Gaza, and it does it incredibly well. In May, thousands of rockets were fired at Israel, but when Israel’s defensive responses to the attacks killed several hundred Palestinian, international outcry and condemnation of the nation ensued.

The statement from North Korea was published and promoted by the Quds media outlet, which is firmly aligned with Hamas, the terrorist organization that controls Palestine.

Palestine and North Korea? They sound like perfect allies…