North Carolina Republicans Take Steps to Outlaw Sanctuary Cities

For generations, America was always viewed by people around the world as the “land of prosperity”. Indeed, for years, the nation stood as a symbol of liberty, opportunity, and freedom for humanity at large, and so many millions of people throughout history arrived on the shores of the nation in search of a better quality of life. So many people sacrificed, sweat, and struggled to achieve their version of the “American Dream” throughout the years. Sadly though, in the present, the nation is increasingly being viewed not as a land of achievement, but as one of volatility and conflict. In a recent poll, nearly half of American citizens stated they felt that the American Dream was dead and specified that while they believed it did exist at one time, it no longer held true.

This is unsurprising. Over the last three years, since the beginning of Joe Bidens presidency, rampant inflation has been one of a plethora of economic problems that many average Americans have faced. It is estimated that nearly six out of every ten citizens are living paycheck to paycheck. Consumer credit card debt skyrocketed to all time heights in 2023, and the national debt has soared to over 30 trillion dollars. The cost of basic necessities like food, other household items, and energy bills have risen so sharply that people are struggling to make ends meet. Peoples wages have stagnated for decades, but the reality of the matter is that the effects of inflation have pinched people’s pockets even further.

Making matters worse, millions of illegal migrants have been allowed to flood into the nation since Biden’s presidency began, and these foreigners have now hurt wages even further by being a source of cheap, undocumented labor. Cities have been flooded in progressive states, and many “sanctuaries” have provided benefits at taxpayer’s expenses. North Carolina Republicans recently stated their desire to outlaw sanctuary cities and taken legislative action.