Nikki Haley’s Praise Of Biden Is Meeting With Backlash

( )- In this Trumpian era of politics, former U.S. ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley committed extraordinary heresy when she “praised” President Joe Biden. She is now in damage control mode.

The headline of a piece penned earlier on Wednesday about Haley’s appearance on Fox News’ The Faulkner Focus reads as follows: Nikki Haley Praises Biden’s UN speech condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for its “‘Strong Words’.”

“Did President Biden make any comments to prevent Russian President Vladimir Putin from going nuclear and into a more murderous mode?” Harris Faulkner of Fox News questioned Haley.

Haley retorted that Biden “came out strongly” against Russia. He criticized them for their remarks, as reported. He criticized them for their efforts against Ukraine.

She said that after strong words were used, he had to back it up with significant actions. That means cooperating with NATO to deliver the necessary armaments and anti-drone equipment. “We don’t have to give Ukraine blank cheques. You must ensure that they are capable of self-defense.

Haley also attacked Biden for “falling all over himself to get into the Iran deal” and asserted that “none of this would have happened if we did not have the fiasco in Afghanistan.” She also stated that Biden should have named the nations aiding Russia.

Only criticism was included in Haley’s tweet response to Biden’s speech, which she posted about an hour after the program had finished airing. She claimed that his remarks had been “nothing but lip service to the greatest threats we face” and that his “platitudes and talking points fell short” of the messages we needed to convey to “China, Iran, and our other adversaries.”

She also posted two other tweets that included video clips of her interview with Harris Faulkner, but neither of them had her support for Biden in “bold words.”


Ken Farnaso, who claimed to be Haley’s communications team member and used an email address with a domain linked to her Stand for America PAC, was very anxious about the word “praise” in the news headline.

Farnaso stated that “the headline doesn’t reflect the interview” and requested that it be changed to indicate that “Haley wasn’t effusively praising Biden” in the email.

It is true that Haley “wasn’t effusively applauding Biden,” but it doesn’t imply that she didn’t also receive admiration. If her nice remarks about Biden were in the report, it would have been misleading.