Newt Gingrich Says Republicans Are About To Crush Democrats

( )- In a column at the Daily Caller last week, former Republican Speaker Newt Gingrich said the current summertime media propaganda about how Democrats will avoid an electoral bloodbath this November is par for the course and likely just as inaccurate as it usually is.

Calling this time of the year “silly season,” Gingrich wrote that once again, the media is spending August running stories claiming that Republicans have nominated “inadequate candidates for the Senate” while arguing Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress have “real momentum” after passing the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.”

But, Gingrich notes, if history is any indication, the media’s predictions for November aren’t likely to come to fruition.

He cites previous elections over the last few decades where the media’s attempts to frame the narrative ended up being completely off base – from their inaccurate claims about the 1980 presidential election to their inaccurate prediction that the Democrats would expand their House majority in the 2020 election (they lost seats).

Gingrich notes that the media’s cheerleading over Liz Cheney didn’t stop her from losing to Harriet Hageman by over thirty-five points.

Once again, Gingrich explains, the media is pushing “slanted polls” showing Democrats gaining ground on Republicans in the polls.

Gingrich points out that just weeks before the 1994 Republican wave, one newspaper headline read “Democrats gaining ground.” Only after reading the article, did anyone discover the only people among whom Democrats were “gaining ground” were those the least likely to vote in the 1994 midterm. Meanwhile, among likely midterm voters, Republicans were the ones gaining ground.

Gingrich offers his advice to the Republican Senate candidates running this year, urging them to focus on the “big issues” rather than let their Democrat opponents or the media “drag them into irrelevant arguments.”

He then offers specific issues each Republican Senate candidate should focus on to hammer home how bad their Democrat challenger is for the American people.

Gingrich concludes by pointing out that the realities of the November election will be “a lot friendlier to Republicans” than what the media’s August “fantasies” show.

Read Gingrich’s column HERE.