Newsom Finds Convenient Scapegoat For Homelessness

A report shows many of the federal judges who have blocked efforts by California’s local and state governments to evict homeless encampments from public spaces are either liberals or appointees of the Democrat Party.

Governor Gavin Newsom went on X to back Elon Musk’s demand for a boycott of the legal firm Latham & Watkins, representing a nonprofit group suing the city on behalf of the city’s homeless population. Even Newsom conceded that despite California spending billions on homelessness, very little had changed. Instead of the legal firm, he placed the responsibility on the federal courts, adding that they must be held responsible.

Putting aside the sweeping criticism of the judiciary, the problem with Newsom’s reasoning is that many of the federal judges engaged in cases blocking California’s communities from dealing with the homeless are liberals, like him.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Donna Ryu halted San Francisco’s efforts to dismantle homeless encampments in the city in December. In 2010, amid President Obama’s initiative to increase the number of minority and female judges, she was appointed by judges in the Northern District of California.

One Donald Trump appointment and two Joe Biden appointees are on the panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit now hearing the appeal of Ryu’s judgment.

Gov. Newsom is fighting liberal jurists he and his party helped elevate.

In other news, Newsom’s fundraising push parallels presidential hopefuls’ as Democrats consider dropping elderly, legally vulnerable President Joe Biden off the 2024 ticket.

Newsom notified the White House a year ago that he would not run in 2024 to fight Biden and Veep Harris from his home state of California and San Francisco. But times have changed.

Biden is aging, his numbers are low despite encouraging economic signals, and he may be impeached for using his son as a bag man.

Newsom’s stance on national Democrat cultural issues has sparked candidacy rumors. He also advertises in other states. He said he would not oppose Biden, but he has positioned himself as the successor apparent.
But according to a Quinnipiac survey, 70% of Californians oppose Gavin Newsom running for president in 2024. A run is opposed by 54% of Democrats.