Newsmax Star Predicts Kamala Harris Will Be Put On Supreme Court

( )- Last week, Newsmax host Greg Kelly deployed his signature quirky humor on Twitter to offer up his “prediction” that Kamala Harris will be Biden’s nominee to the Supreme Court.

Kelly is the ultimate troll.

The funniest part of Kelly’s tweet was how many people in the replies thought he was serious.

Not that the suggestion hasn’t been made by people who aren’t joking.

Even before Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement, some Democrats floated the idea that the White House could solve the problem named Kamala by having Joe nominate her to the Supreme Court and replace her with a more popular Veep.

It certainly would be “historic,” and we all know how important “historic” is to the Biden administration.

Kamala would be the first Supreme Court Justice in the history of the United States who failed the bar exam.

Okay, that’s not a particularly good “historic.”

Suggesting Biden nominate Kamala to the Supreme Court shows just how much the Democrats don’t want to be stuck with Kamala Harris as their standard-bearer in 2024.

In late January, a columnist at the Boston Globe fantasized that Biden nominating Kamala would “open the VP door for Hillary Clinton.”

Yeah, really.

Columnist Peter Lucas suggested this is the way for Joe Biden to “save his train wreck of a presidency.”

But replacing train wreck Kamala with train wreck Hillary seems like a lateral move.

Besides, the train wreck presidency isn’t the fault of Kamala Harris alone. Removing her won’t do a thing to clear the wreckage out of this White House.

Admittedly, Lucas’ column is a tad tongue-in-cheek. But among the so-called “Resistance” eager for Hillary Clinton’s triumphant return, the tongue-in-cheek element of his column will go clean over their heads.

Just as Greg Kelly’s quirky tweet went over the heads of his Twitter followers.