Newsmax Now One Of The Most Trusted News Sources, Polls Say

According to a new study from The Economist and YouGov titled “Trust in Media 2023,” Newsmax is one of the most trusted cable news outlets in the United States.

 29% of American people in the last study rated Newsmax as either “trustworthy” or “very trustworthy.”

The following is a breakdown of the reliability of the most popular cable news channels:

  • CNN 39%
  • 38% for Fox News  
  • MSNBC 36%
  • 30% for Bloomberg
  • and Newsmax with 29%

There has been a 20% increase in the public’s faith in Newsmax over the last year, from 24 percent in the month of March 2022 to 29 percent in the latest research.

Compared to other cable networks, Newsmax had the most “net trust” percentage.  The proportion of people who find it trustworthy is subtracted from the rate of people who find it untrustworthy to arrive at the “net trust” statistic.

Newsmax’s “net trust” score improved dramatically from a minus-3 in 2022 to a plus-7 in 2023.

Newsmax also has the highest “neutral” figure, representing the proportion of viewers who see the network as “neither untrusted nor trusted.” 

As CEO Christopher Ruddy put it, they have an enormous, positive impression on the public even though Newsmax covers 20 million fewer cable households than Fox or CNN.

Between April 3 and 9, The Economist/YouGov poll queried 1,500 American adults.

According to reports, upon hearing of Tucker Carlson’s departure, one-fourth of American respondents surveyed by Economist/YouGov claimed they viewed Fox News “less often.”

More than a quarter of respondents (26%) said they watched Fox News “less often” after the network revealed it severed its relationship with Carlson in a study conducted after the prime-time host’s departure. About two-thirds of respondents indicated they watched Fox News “about the same,” while 14% said they watched it “more often.”

Republicans have reported tuning out of Fox News after Carlson’s departure (36% of Republican respondents indicated they watched the channel less often now). Independents made up 26% of those who shared this view.