Newsmax Beats Fox News In Ratings

( )- Newsmax was one of the first of the smaller conservative networks to really challenge Fox News, and it looks like even as Fox News enjoys an uptick in views, Newsmax is continuing to grow.

The network’s rapid rise in viewership can be attributed largely to its coverage of former President Donald Trump, providing full coverage of all of his big rallies so far. Last weekend, the network’s coverage of Trump’s Save America rally in Texas resulted in some 2.9 million cable viewers tuning in to watch it live.

1.1 million of those viewers were within the 35-64 age range, which is a demographic usually demanded by advertisers. It means that Newsmax has become a household name for news and, should it continue to see viewers like this, may continue to challenge Fox News for the right-leaning audience.

Although Newsmax is in 20 million fewer homes than Fox News is at present, it has managed to maintain total audience impressions on par with Fox every time they cover a Trump speech or event. Nielsen data revealed how during the recent Trump rally, Newsmax and Fox both attracted roughly 1.4 million viewers per minute.

Big conservative names are starting to notice that Newsmax is more willing than Fox News to cover former President Donald Trump and his wildly popular rallies.

Brigitte Gabriel asked on January 29, “why didn’t Fox News air President Trump’s rally tonight? Newsmax did.”

If Fox News doesn’t start covering Trump, it may soon find that it has lost the support of his base…which is more than half of Republican primary voters.