News Reporter Walks Away In Tears After Learning Truth About Afghan Baby

( )- British Sky News anchor Sarah-Jane Mee recently revealed how having a baby changed the way she looks at news stories, describing how she once “walked out of the studio sobbing” after reading reports of a newborn baby being handed to U.S. Marines over a barbed-wire fence as people scrambling to safety during President Joe Biden’s botched military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The 43-year-old news anchor explained how her life totally changed after becoming the step mother of her partner’s eight-year-old son Teddy, and said that the scenes she saw in Afghanistan affected her differently because she had just returned from maternity leave as the story was breaking.

“That photo of a baby being handed over the barbed wire to soldiers will haunt me forever,” she said. “I had to walk out of the studio when that report was playing because I was sobbing.”

If you missed the story, take a look at this video:

She said during a recent interview that if someone had told her three years ago that she would get engaged, become a step mother, move to the countryside, and even have a little girl of her own that she would have “laughed.”

It all goes to show how having children and a family changes your outlook on everything…

…and it shows once more just how horrifying President Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal really was.