News Host Gets Fired After Filing Complaint

The carnage at Cable News continues after Carlson Taylor’s release from Fox News and Don Lemon of CNN. 

The next head on the chopping block belongs to CNBC Business News anchor/correspondent Hadley Gamble. Gamble is more recently known for filing a sexual harassment charge that led to the firing of NBCUniversal head CEO Jeff Shell just weeks before her ouster.

Gamble and Shell began an affair that started ten years earlier. After rejecting Shell’s advances initially, Gamble eventually relented after she realized that further rejection of Shell could be detrimental to her career. 

While the complaint by Gamble was filed before the firing of Shell, a New York Post story detailed that the main reason for going forward with the complaint was she learned her expiring contract with CNBC would not be renewed by management.

The parent company of NBC, Comcast, issued a self-serving “we wish you the best in your future endeavors” on Gamble’s departure saying they appreciated her ten years of service, her handling of challenging assignments, her expertise on Middle East affairs and interviews with world leaders, and her drive and initiative. 

According to a Daily Wire report, Comcast announced Shell’s departure on April 23. NBCUniversal claimed that both parties mutually agreed upon Shell’s leaving after investigating his conduct while CEO. 

Shell stated following his dismissal, admitting to his regret for the inappropriate conduct with Gamble and for letting co-workers down. He thanked them for their work over his 19 years with the organization. 

The 12-page complaint contained just a half page of Shell’s conduct. Most of the complaints dealt with the culture and work environment at CNBC. 

Two other CNBC execs were also implicated in the complaint. Former CNBC VP Patrick Allen described Gamble calling her the C-word in the presence of two witnesses. Allen was shown the door for his conduct earlier in 2023. 

John Casey, managing director and president of CNBC London, was named in the complaint for allowing a toxic work environment.