News Agency To Replace Anchors With AI

In 1984, a landmark film was released titled “The Terminator”. In a post-apocalyptic and sci-fi like world, humanity battled with robotic technology that they had developed and implemented over the years which had grown so intelligent and advanced that it was able to think and function on its own and eventually turned violent against human creators and sought to take over the world. The film, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton was an instant success, and today some 40 years later remains widely popular. It spawned many subsequent successor films, and pioneered an entire genre of film making. James Cameron’s mega film has the distinction of being the only movie to feature a hero and a villain on the AFI list for “best hero and best villain”.

Now, in the modern era decades after it’s release, the rise of the Internet, the smart phone, and digital technology has advanced to such an extent that it appears that the possibility of robotic technology that could become advanced enough to be autonomous and independent of human control is quite possible. Artificial intelligence is advancing at such a rate that many economists and business experts have released harrowing predictions regarding the future stability and diversity of the economic global workforce. Recently, Goldman Sachs released a report that millions of jobs could be made obsolete due to AI in the near future. The company predicted that some 300 million jobs globally could be destroyed or reduced due to the technology as it continues to advance. People employed in the customer service and financial sectors are especially at risk.

In a recent development, one media company has announced news anchors could be replaced by Artificial Intelligence. A Los Angeles based media company named “Channel 1” stated it would be replacing human news anchors with “AI Generated” alternatives. They are set to debut in February of 2024, and would appear on services like Tubi and Pluto.