New York Times Under Fire For Insane Move

( )- The New York Times was at the center of yet another controversy over the weekend for its “inaccurate” and “biased” reporting on Senator Joe Manchin’s entirely moderate positions.

The Democratic West Virginia Senator is often attacked by Democrats – and mouthpieces and wingmen of the Democrats, like the New York Times – for refusing to buckle and support the most radical and extreme policies advocated by his party.

The Times said in a tweet that Manchin was opposed to combatting voter suppression and restoring ethical controls of the federal government when that’s not what he believes at all.

The tweet said that Manchin confirmed he would not vote for a Democrat-pushed “far-reaching bill to combat voter suppression and restore ethical controls on the presidency shattered by Donald Trump.”

In reality, however, Manchin has said that he will not support bills that radically transform the voting system, make it easier for illegal aliens to vote, and allow a simple majority vote in the Senate to pass extreme legislation.

He’s one of only two Democrats in the Senate – the other being Senator Kyrsten Sinema – who refused to buckle and do whatever his party tells him.

It follows Manchin’s publishing of an opinion piece describing why he opposed the Democrats “For the People Act” – an extreme piece of legislation that would make the temporary provisions established in the 2020 presidential election permanent, making it easier for people to commit voter fraud and legalizing ballot harvesting across the country. He also described why he believes it is wrong to end the Senate filibuster, stressing the importance of parties reaching across the aisle to come to a consensus and governing with the interests of as many people as possible in mind.

Just take a look at these tweets slamming the New York Times, and remember that these are just the blue checkmarks.

Look at the replies from regular users on the New York Times tweet, and you’ll see a combination of criticism for the Times from sane Democrats and Republicans, and criticism of Manchin from rabid left-wing extremists.

Senator Manchin really is the one thing stopping the Democrats from getting their way on everything…perhaps that’s why the New York Times is smearing him so badly.