New York Farm Worker Killed After Cow Charges and Attacks

After caring for a newborn calf, a New York woman was reportedly attacked by an overprotective cow and hit many times, resulting in her death on June 9th.

The St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident between a cow and an employee of Flack Farm near Lisbon. Lisbon is approximately fifty miles northeast of Syracuse, close to the Canadian/US border.

According to the investigation, Flor Lopez (28) was caring for a new calf when a cow charged her.  The cow allegedly attacked Lopez many times after rushing at her, according to authorities.

Lopez was taken to a Medical Center, where she passed away.

An autopsy will be conducted.

When a cow sees anything dangerous, such as a car or a human, she will usually stand between her calf and the danger.  Mother cows are almost two times more watchful when they have young in the herd than when they are lactating.

Cows are herd animals and quite sociable. Their memory is excellent, and they are able to distinguish between people.  Young animals are able to recognize their mother’s voice.  In the presence of wolves, cows often cluster closer together and form tighter groups, perhaps as a defense mechanism against predators.

Cows were responsible for 22 annual deaths, according to CDC research covering the years 2003–2007. Although agricultural laborers make up the vast majority of casualties, twenty-four percent of those killed were innocent bystanders in public areas. Animals with a history of aggressive behavior were responsible for one-third of the fatalities.

The majority of researchers believe that bull attacks are much more deadly and violent than cow attacks. Although cows and bulls are both potentially harmful, the bull’s more immense stature, more powerful physique, and aggressive temperament make them more likely to inflict devastating and even lethal assaults.