New Unseen Footage Uncovered Of 9/11 Attack

( )- As we approach the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, a new documentary for British television network ITV has aired unseen footage from families across Manhattan. The footage was taken by people who witnessed the attack as it happened and includes testimony from a young couple who had a brand new baby at the time of the attack.

The couple, Kyra and Anthony Paris, filmed the incident from their apartment located only six blocks away from Ground Zero, where an airplane hit the Twin Towers. In the video, you can clearly see the couple panicking as they witnessed rubble flying through the streets and into the ground, destroying their neighborhood.

“There’s dust and smoke all over the building,” Anthony can be heard saying. “There’s no way we can leave right now.”

Imagine seeing that carnage and destruction, only six blocks away, and knowing you were in danger even leaving your home.

Other footage from Andrew Einhorn, a New Yorker who witnessed the attack from the Lower East Side, can be heard saying he doesn’t know what to do. He asks in the video, “what else is going to start getting blown up?”

The disturbing videos show just how terrifying it was for people in their apartments, as innocent New Yorkers walk around their apartment and describe what they can see outside. The Paris family eventually evacuated their apartment, which was ultimately destroyed by “infinite organic matter” – the dust that swept through the city at 60mph.

The documentary aired on British television on Tuesday night, and was titled “9/11: Life under Attack.” It offered an interesting and direct perspective on life in the city as the attack happened, and some clips and screengrabs from the documentary have been made available by the Daily Mail.

The never-before-seen footage has yet to be aired on American television but if it is made available we will be sure to update our readers.