New Trump SEC Document Suggests Trump Will Return To Twitter

( )- According to a recent federal securities filing, former President Donald Trump might return to Twitter if and when his permanent ban from the social media network is lifted.

Elon Musk, who is considering buying Twitter, has stated that he would enable Trump to return to the platform. After the Capitol assault on January 6, 2021, the former president was banned.

Truth Social was founded by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), and financed by blank-check corporation Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC), to compete with Twitter.

Trump has declared in the past that he would not return to tweeting even if Musk reinstates him.

But Trump might return, according to a recent DWAC filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, but with a self-imposed restriction.

The filing said that President Trump is obligated to make any social media post on the TruthSocial platform and is prohibited from making an identical post on another social media site for a period of six hours. He is free to post on any site to which he has access after that.

As a result, TMTG only has a limited amount of time to benefit from his articles, and his followers may not find it worthwhile to utilize TruthSocial just to see them quickly.

He may also post on any social media site at any time from a personal account about a political message, political fundraising, or get-out-the-vote operations.

That appears to limit Trump’s tweets on social concerns, business, and other topics, while he would have greater leeway with “political message.”
An outline of Big Tech social media sites like Twitter and Facebook was also provided in the document.

The statement said that the open interchange of ideas initially distinguished these sites. The founders of these enterprises were typically free-speech idealists. However, an intrusive censorship system enforced by the few giant, strong firms that currently control the industry has eviscerated the unfettered marketplace of ideas they founded.

Even Jack Dorsey said that “centralizing discovery and identity into corporations’ has ‘really damaged the internet.”

These businesses are progressively deciding which perspectives are allowed and which are not. No one is safe from Big Tech censorship, not even a sitting President of the United States. This dynamic has proven destructive to the lofty purpose and aspirations of the free internet.

According to Axios, DWAC looks to be under federal securities investigation, which may delay or jeopardize plans to take Truth Social public.