New Travel Visa “Loophole” Is Destroying National Security, Probe Finds

( )- According to the Department of Homeland Security’s chief watchdog, a special visa program that was devised more than two decades ago to protect illegal aliens who are the victims of crime in the United States is “ripe” for fraud.

No kidding. Who could have predicted that?

According to a new report by the Office of Inspector General, the U-visa program has problems that have become so systemic that large numbers of fraudulent applications have been approved by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services over the years.

He said that at least 10 USCIS-approved petitions were discovered to have forged, altered, or unauthorized law enforcement certifications – meaning illegal aliens in the United States were allowed to remain in the country off the back of false claims that they were victims of crime.

And while that’s already bad enough, where is the logic in protecting illegal aliens – who committed a crime by illegally entering or remaining in the United States – if they are victims of crime themselves?

The report also revealed how several police agencies told the inspector general that the visas granted to these illegal aliens have not helped police solve the crimes they were affected by – which was one of the primary reasons why the legal immigration protection was offered to these aliens in the first place. In fact, most police agencies told the office that illegal aliens were purposely gaming the system just to get U visas and stay in America.

According to a survey of 57 certifying law enforcement agencies across the country, the U Visa program has not proved useful in solving crimes. The survey also found that 61% of agencies believe that the program “does not significantly improve their ability to investigate and solve crimes.” Some 54% said that petitioners abuse the system.

Incredibly, the report also found that even though USCIS acknowledged the many problems with the program several years ago, no action has been taken to stop the continued abuse of the program. No new checks and balances have been incorporated, and the agency didn’t even address the flaws found in its four internal reviews.

What gives?

Find the full report here.