New Research Shows Democrats’ Chances Of Beating Ron DeSantis

( )- As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is seen as a potential frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024, he has repeatedly drawn the ire of those on the left while being widely praised by those on the right. This makes the incumbent a target for Democrats to attempt to unseat in the upcoming midterm election in November.

A polling and news analysis website called FiveThirtyEight has determined that Florida has a 7.6 percent partisan lean in favor of the Republican party. Even though Florida has been seen as a swing state in prior elections, the state has been trending Republican.

Recent polls demonstrate that DeSantis enjoys widespread support among Floridians, with the vast majority of residents approving of his performance as governor. At the same time, many people think that he is divisive. He has received heavy criticism from Democrats both in the state and throughout the country.

On November 8, it is unknown which Democrat will compete against DeSantis in a head-to-head matchup. Representative Charlie Crist, who represents Florida’s 13th Congressional District, and Nikki Fried, who is now serving as Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner, are the two leading contenders. With the Democratic primary for Florida set for August 23, recent surveys have suggested Crist is the leading candidate among his party’s candidates.

According to the latest poll average from Real Clear Politics, DeSantis is now in the lead over both Crist and Fried by substantial majorities. When Floridians were polled about the possibility of DeSantis and Crist running against each other for governor, the incumbent governor held a lead that was, on average, close to 9 percent. On the other hand, just a slim majority of Floridians stated they would support DeSantis on average (50.4%), which is far lower than the 41.6 percent who would support the Democratic candidate.

The current governor does better regarding Fried than he did before. According to the average, DeSantis is in the lead by about 13 percent. Fried supports only 39.2 percent of Floridians, while around 52 percent prefer DeSantis. However, the most recent polls were conducted in February.

A more recent survey done by Phillips Academy from May 7 to May 9 and sponsored by Abbott Academy Fund indicated that Crist and DeSantis were in a close contest, with neither candidate receiving support that was even near to a majority. While Crist received the backing of 35 percent of registered voters, DeSantis received support from 36 percent of voters. Fried was excluded from the survey.

Notably, the current average from Real Clear Politics has Charlie Crist more than ten points ahead of Fried in the race for the Democratic nomination. While just around 22 percent of Democratic voters in Florida support the agricultural commissioner, over 41 percent of Democratic voters in Florida support the congressman. In a poll done at the beginning of May by St. Pete Polls, the results revealed that Crist had even more support than before, with 52 percent, compared to Fried’s 19 percent.