New Report Shows GOP As Clear Winner In 2022

( )- Everyone knows at this point that the Democrats will struggle to maintain their majorities in the House and the Senate in this year’s midterm elections – and it’s mostly President Joe Biden’s fault. But according to The Cook Political Report released last Thursday, it’s looking almost certain that the Republicans will beat the Democrats by miles in this year’s elections.

The new ratings from the nonpartisan election studies body reveal how Democrats will need to defend eight toss-up districts across seven different states, while Republicans will only need to defend six toss-up districts in four states.

Combined with the fact that Americans are paying record-high prices for fuel, food, and household goods, it’s looking pretty bad for the Democrats. What reason do Americans have to vote for a party that raised prices and implemented stricter lockdowns?

Similarly, The Cook Political Report showed how three districts where Democrats are incumbent – Texas 5th, Arizona 6th, and New Jersey 7th – are now considered “lean Republican” regions. A further two, Michigan 10th and Arizona 2nd, are now considered “likely Republican.”

Only a single Republican-held district, which was Illinois 13th, is in the “lean Democrat” column.

If you’ve never heard of The Cook Political Report before, it’s a nonpartisan report that analyzes polling and other data on a rolling basis to determine the political makeup of the country. Its data has been particularly important at a time when redistricting has become a central issue for politicians.

For the Republicans to take back control of the House of Representatives, which would significantly reduce the Democrats’ ability to pass any legislation even with President Joe Biden in the White House, they only need to net five seats in this year’s elections.

Things are looking good for the Republicans unless President Biden and Nancy Pelosi manage to pull a rabbit out of their hats before the fall…