New Poll Suggests America Supports Allies In Afghanistan Joe Biden Abandoned

( )- A recent poll from the Associated Press found that 72 percent of Americans favor granting refugee status to the Afghans who worked with the US during the nearly twenty-year war – provided they are properly vetted.

Of course the problem here is the Biden administration left the majority of these Afghan allies behind in Afghanistan when we scrambled for the exits. The tens of thousands of “refugees” that climbed aboard the evacuation flights weren’t the people President Biden promised to get out.

So while the vast majority of Americans polled believe we owe it to these Afghan allies to bring them to the US, the Biden administration left most of them behind in favor of a bunch of people we can’t even properly vet – including some who have already committed acts of sexual assault.

Over the weekend, Reuters reported that as many as 700 or more of these Afghan refugees currently housed at military bases around the country have just up and left. These “independent departures” have raised a great deal of concern from Congressional Republicans who have maintained that the US cannot possibly thoroughly vet these people and now they’re wandering the country.

Even “immigration advocates” are concerned, but not due to the possible national security threat these free-range Afghans may present. No. They’re concerned because these people wandered off before their processing was completed, and as a result might miss out on some of the benefits they are apparently entitled to – like immigration paperwork, expedited work permits, and cash for traveling to whatever destination in the US they had in mind.

The benefits they’ve received thus far have been more limited than what refugees generally receive. But that changed last Thursday when Congress passed a stop-gap spending bill to avert a government shutdown. That bill also added billions in spending to provide even more assistance for these unvetted “refugees.”

Meanwhile, the Afghans that Americans overwhelmingly support bringing to the United States are still stuck in Afghanistan hoping to find a way out before the Taliban tracks them down and kills them.

What an unmitigated disaster.