New Poll Shows Trump Supporters Do Believe In “Great Replacement Theory”

( )- 61% of Trump backers think that “a group in our nation aims to replace native-born Americans with immigrants and people of color who share their political beliefs,” a central premise of the “great replacement” conspiracy theory.

22% of Trump backers disagree.

Replacement theory was widely discussed in the days after a white supremacist’s May 14 killing rampage at a Buffalo, N.Y., grocery store. The conspiracy theorist suspect killed 10 Black shoppers.

Few Americans (only 34 percent) believe in replacement theory, and more than twice as many Americans strongly disagree (33 percent) as strongly agree (14 percent).

An Associated Press-NORC survey done before the incident found comparable results.

A Times study released this month found that in more than 400 episodes of his show, Tucker Carlson advanced the concept that Democratic lawmakers and other elites desire to compel demographic change through immigration.
According to a Yahoo News/YouGov poll, 54% of Republicans and 53% of Fox News viewers think that “a faction in our nation aims to replace native-born Americans with immigrants and people of color who share their political beliefs.” Thirds disagree in both circumstances. They’re uncertain.

Most Trump voters (73%) and Republicans (64%) say “discrimination against white people has become as big a problem as discrimination against Black people in the U.S.” About the same number — 69% and 66%, respectively — are either very or somewhat concerned that “native-born Americans are losing economic, political, and cultural influence in this country to immigrants.”

Regarding the Buffalo incident, the right and left are two distinct camps.

When asked if it’s “appropriate to label the shooter’s intentions as ‘racist,'” most Trump voters (57%) and Joe Biden backers (86%) replied yes. (11 and 6% said no.)

When the other half of poll respondents were told the shooter was a “white man who posted an online manifesto accusing people of color of seeking to ‘ethnically replace my people,'” more Biden voters (90%) than Trump voters (68%) were willing to call his motivations racist.

Over 6 in 10 Americans say they’re following the Buffalo shooting news “very carefully” (21%) or “somewhat closely” (42 percent ).

Beyond that, both views diverge.

77% of Biden voters said race “had a factor” in the Buffalo shooting. Only 42% of Trump backers say the same, about the same amount (40%) who blame “left media.”

Most Trump backers said mental illness (56%), racism (15%), and leftist media had the “largest” part in the massacre (14 percent ). 2% said “too many firearms.”

Biden voters choose racism (39%), conservative media (27%), mental illness (14%), and too many firearms (14%). (10 percent ).

Americans are split over whether racism (32%) or mental illness (30%) had the major part in the massacre, with little agreement across the right and left.