New Names Emerge In Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

Legal filings disclose identities and his daily schedule of contacts with prominent political, financial, and cultural elites, bringing back the controversy involving the late sexual predator and convicted financier Jeffrey Epstein.

According to reports, Williams Burns, the director of central intelligence, Kathryn Ruemmler, the White House lawyer, Noam Chomsky, a professor and activist on the left, Reid Hoffman, a wealthy venture capitalist, and Lawrence Summers, the former president of Harvard and head of the National Economic Council, are all named on Epstein’s calendars. 

Then came the authors and artists. Woody Allen, Jeff Koons, and Helen Fisher, an expert in human behavior anthropology, were also named.  

A closer look at the names reveals his motivations. Epstein kept up his hectic schedule of high society events throughout the globe, hosting some of them in his notorious Manhattan mansion.

Epstein kept his professional and private life apart. A witness who spoke with him after his conviction in Florida said that he wanted to be respected in society and his image cleansed. He was intent on maintaining his company and his group of trafficked girls.

He had not changed. Instead, he had made deals with everyone in exchange for the light punishment he had received. In his mind, he was the most intelligent person in the room. 

According to a report, Jeffrey Epstein’s influence came from a guy who built his money selling Victoria’s Secret lingerie to women and teen girls in American malls. 

An insurance executive introduced Epstein to Les Wexner in the 1980s, and Epstein became his money manager while L Brands was booming. Epstein was granted full power of attorney, he supplanted Wexner’s mother on the foundation’s board, and lived in a home on Wexner’s Property in Ohio. 

Epstein’s Upper East Side home, his money, and the Lolita Express (originally L Brands’ Boeing 727) all came from his relationship with Les Wexner.

Epstein reappeared in New York in 2019 and allegedly killed himself in his jail cell after being convicted of sex crimes.