New Kamala Harris Poll Sparks Concerns For 2024

( )- Vice President Kamala Harris is already the least popular vice president in modern American history, with a recent approving rating poll giving her just 28% support – and a new poll just revealed that a plurality of Americans think Biden will leave office before 2024 and usher in an era of rule under Harris.

Combine those abysmal approval ratings with the recent stories that Kamala Harris is difficult to work with and has fostered a hostile and bullying environment with her office – prompting most of her staff to announce that they are leaving – and we’re looking at a pretty terrifying prospect of a new presidency before the end of Biden’s term.

A Rasmussen poll just showed how 49% of Americans believe that something will happen to President Joe Biden, who is now 79 years old, before the end of his first term – resulting in Vice President Kamala Harris taking the top job for herself. Some 41% of Democrats believe that Biden won’t’ see it through until the end of his first term, and 45% of independents believe the same.

So, this is not a partisan idea. It’s something that almost a majority of Americans recognize as true.

When Rasmussen asked those same respondents how qualified they think Kamala Harris is to become the next president, only 23% of people said that she was “very qualified.” 17% said she is “somewhat qualified,” and 9% said she was “not very qualified.” An incredible 46%, however, said that she is “not qualified at all.”

So, nearly a majority of Americans think Biden won’t see it through until the end of his term, and roughly the same number of people think Harris won’t do the job any better.

Things aren’t looking great for the next three years…