New Host On “The View” Says She’ll Represent Trump Voters, Despite Hating Trump

( )- Donald Trump’s former communications director, Alyssa Farah Griffin, may have once worked for him, but she has subsequently claimed that he should never again be considered for the president. Still, she asserts that she is ready to “reflect” the opinions of Trump’s supporters in her new position on ABC’s lunchtime talk show “The View.”

Griffin appeared on “Good Morning America” on Monday to talk about the upcoming 26th season of the panel show, which premieres on Tuesday after a late-summer break. She noted that two seats would be filled by women who at least identified as Republicans, including herself and seasoned fill-in host Ana Navarro.

“I worked in the Trump administration, and I’m a millennial,” Griffin stated. But she still wants to be the voice for the 74 million Americans who voted for him and kind of tell them, “from my experience, here’s why I won’t support him again.”

She looks forward to offering her opinion on what a future Republican Party shouldn’t and should be.

It is doubtful that history books in the future will track the moment of the sea-change of the Republican party to the moment Griffin yammered on The View.

Griffin continued by taking multiple jabs at the former president, noting that she was aware that conversations between women who did not always agree might become heated.

She left the Trump administration on January 6, 2021, and has since made no secret about her disapproval of the president. That is precisely how she got the job on the View. They cannot wait to tour her as a Republican, with a chyron stating this when she begins bashing Republican views, just as they do with the “Republican” quisling Ana Navarro.

Griffin was chosen last month to take Meghan McCain’s place on “The View” after weeks of rotating in possible conservative cohosts. McCain gave her reason for leaving the show a particularly heated argument with her longstanding cohost Joy Behar shortly after her return to the program on her maternity leave in January 2021.