New “Great Replacement” Scheme Is Flooding Rural Areas With Cheap Labor In Social Engineering Plan

( )- To combat depopulation and “replenish” aging communities, the UK government wants migrants to spend at least five years in rural areas.

According to reports, migrants to Western countries like the UK prefer urban areas, so the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) believes special measures are needed to ensure that rural areas benefit from diversity. These extraordinary measures were outlined in the MAC’s December annual report.

Rural areas like Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have older, poorer populations. Internal migration from cities contributes to rural aging.

London and Birmingham have seen net outflows of over-65s and net influxes of youth.

In coming decades, Scotland’s rural population is expected to decline sharply, prompting the devolved government to propose a similar plan.

Investigative reporting shows the MAC committee chair, Professor Brian Bell, says migrants could fill jobs in agriculture, fishing, and hospitality caused by young people moving to cities. To help, they propose lowering visa skill requirements.

Canada offers rural migrants similar incentives.

John McCallum, Canada’s immigration minister, explained in 2016 that his government needed to encourage migrants to settle outside of Toronto and Vancouver.  He said there’s a strong feeling that Canada needs more immigrants because of the aging population.

In recent years, Canada and the UK have seen record immigration. In July, the Office for National Statistics announced that annual net migration into the UK had reached 504,000, compared to the 300,000 per year that prompted the Brexit referendum.

Recent reports suggest Climate change fuels the fantasy of Western self-effacement.  Gaia Vince claims in her new book, Nomad Century, that the Third World should be relocated to the West before climate change makes large swaths of the planet uninhabitable. This would require new megacities in the Global North, a global plant-based “sustainable” diet, and the dissolution of all identity and political affiliation.

Vince’s madness may never be implemented, but climate change will be used to justify massive controlled migration to the West.

The UN Human Rights Committee ruled in 2020 that a state cannot send migrants home if they are at risk from climate change.

Any excuse to dissolve cultures and identities to nothingness. I guess it’s easier to control humans that way. Will we allow that?