New Censorship Project Expanded At Twitter, Raising Concerns

( )- Twitter is under new management – did you hear? Now that former CEO Jack Dorsey is out, the new team is planning to take further action to make the social media platform a safe space for far-left extremists and left-wing media outlets.

On Friday, the company announced that it will be expanding the user generated so-called “fact-checking” program known as “Birdwatch.”

The program was piloted with 10,000 users over the last 12 months, allowing users to collectively judge content shared on the platform. It means that left-wing users will be able to collectively come to conclusions about posts they don’t like – much in the way they do on Wikipedia – and then express their opinions as facts in notes that will appear on popular tweets.

Users will be able to rate the notes, making Twitter a cesspit of arguments and efforts by left-wing extremists to smear Republicans and non-leftists as racists.

Keith Coleman, the vice president of product at Twitter, announced that the program will be moving ahead in a blog post.

“By empowering people to do this together, they can add helpful and informative context for people from different points of view,” he wrote.

He added that a majority of people found the Birdwatch notes helpful, and that it “includes people from across the political spectrum.”

Yeah, sure.

“People in the survey were 20-40% less likely to agree with the substance of a potentially misleading Tweet after reading a note about it, compared to those who saw a Tweet without a note,” he added.

Starting on March 3, a small and randomized group of people in the United States will start seeing these Birdwatch notes on some Tweets, and will be able to rate the notes and provide input to ensure that the notes are accurate.

We’ll have to wait and see how it works when it is rolled out to the entirety of Twitter’s userbase, of course, but if you expect anything better than Wikipedia then you might be in for a shock.