New Audit Reveals Voting Machines Show Only Republican Ballots Were Rejected

( )- Fayette County residents in Pennsylvania went to the polls on Tuesday to vote in county, municipal, and schoolboard elections…only to find a major flaw in the local election system. Reports suggest that all 77 precincts within Fayette County experienced ballots being rejected from the moment that the polls opened…and it seemed to be affecting one party more than any other.

Can you guess which party that might have been?

Lori Lamb, who voted at the Joseph A. Hardy Connellsville Airport, said that her ballot was rejected without explanation.

“I think suspicious after everything that happened with the presidential election,” Lambie told the local press. “I went to scan a ballot and it spit it out. I tried three or four times and it kept spitting it out.”

But Democrats said the American election system is flawless and isn’t affected by fraud and misconduct!

Similar issues reportedly occurred at Hatfield Elementary in the South Union Township region, with one voter saying they voted as normal by the machine rejected it.

Voters were then placing those rejected ballots into an emergency slot placed at the back of the machine. Let’s hope they get picked up and counted.
Fayette County Commissioner Scott Dunn insisted that the rejections were happening across party lines, but media reports repeatedly reverenced voters who confessed to being Republicans.

“I can tell you both Republican and Democratic ballots are affected by this,” Dunn said.

But Dunn then also admitted that they had been in contact with all precincts, and that “for the larger Republican precincts, we are trying to reprint ballots.”

The issue was blamed on barcodes on the ballots which the machines could not read.

The courts reportedly granted an emergency petition on Tuesday meaning that all ballots that were not scanned would be counted by the judge of elections at every precinct once polls closed.

It hardly instils confidence in America’s election systems when things like this happen, and it flies in the face of claims by the Democrats that misconduct and errors can’t occur in our elections.