Nearly All White House Reporters Are… Democrats

( )- The White House press corps was blatantly rude to President Trump, interrupting him and calling him a liar, prompting him to brand them the enemy. Joe Biden is now being asked about his favorite ice cream flavor.

A story from The Federalist shows that the media’s dramatic shift was predicted. Democrats outnumber Republicans in the press corps 12-1. The study was done for a new book by Fox News contributor and former Bush White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer.

Fleischer states that the White House briefing room doesn’t look, sound, or vote like America. He said that on June 7, 2021, the COVID distancing criteria were finally lifted, and every seat was occupied for the first time in almost a year.

Democrats dominated 12:1.

Fleischer relied heavily on the findings of Delve, a research company out of Washington. He said the good news is that the ratio wasn’t 24:0 like the students when he attended Columbia Journalism School.

Towson University Professor Richard Vatz, who specializes in political persuasion and rhetoric, was not surprised by the findings. “In study after survey [1962-1996], ‘national media,’ ‘Washington Press Corps,’ etc. journalists were predominantly leftist and voted for Democrats,” Vatz noted.

In a 1982 poll of 1,000 “journalists” from 50 newspapers, just 25% voted for Ronald Reagan. In 1995, 89% of reporters backed Bill Clinton.

“America would be well served by a strong press corps representing multiple venues, views, and inquiries for the president on down,” Curtis Houck, the managing editor of Newsbusters, has noted.

He said, having seen press briefings for six years. It’s no surprise that the White House press corps tilts left. Along with a built-in geographical bias, they have zero perspective or belief that their attitude may be incorrect and self-serving.

The research said the White House press’s “partisan composition” skews the news.

“When pro-conservative themes are discussed, they are skewed negatively,” Vatz remarked.

While Trump faced a hostile press corps that made daily coronavirus press appearances into sparring matches, Biden has enjoyed the better treatment. Biden’s occasional press briefings have been full of softball questions from pre-selected reporters who haven’t criticized the White House for avoiding the media.

American Presidency Project data suggest Biden is one of the least accessible presidents in modern American history, holding only 16 news conferences since entering office last year, nine alone and seven jointly.

Only 16% of Americans trust “newspapers,” according to Gallup.