NBC Punished Reporter Over Paul Pelosi Story

(RoyalPatriot.com )- After the network removed Miguel Almaguer’s report regarding Paul Pelosi, NBC suspended him and launched an inquiry.

According to authorities, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband allegedly suffered a hammer attack at their San Francisco home last month. During the event, he fractured his skull, necessitating surgery. At the moment, Nancy wasn’t at home.

According to an FBI affidavit, the suspect allegedly threatened to maim the speaker because she is the head of the House Democrats.

The perpetrator was a political progressive, backing the causes of BLM and LBGT rights.

The media started challenging the official explanations of the incident soon after news of it surfaced. Several suggestions indicated that Paul Pelosi was dating the suspect and that he knew him. Pelosi states on the 911 call that he (the attacker) “is a friend.”

Almaguer’s report claimed to offer further information that, interpreted in a particular way, might imply Paul Pelosi knew the suspect:

Exactly one week ago today, when officers first arrived at the Pelosi residence, they were unsure of what was happening. They were aware that they were handling a crucial call. What was going on inside the building directly behind me was unclear.

The 82-year-old did not immediately attempt to flee his house; instead, he went back into the foyer, away from the police, and toward the attacker. The 82-year-condition old’s mental state is unknown, according to sources.

It is unclear why Pelosi didn’t attempt to run or alert the responding authorities that he was in trouble.

We still don’t know precisely what happened between Mr. Pelosi and the suspect during the 30 minutes they were alone in that house before police arrived.


Later, NBC withdrew the story.

But bodycam footage shows that Almaguer’s report is accurate.

Why did the DOJ release information that contradicts what the visual evidence shows?