NBC Correspondent Stunned By Biden v Trump Poll

Concerned with a recent NBC poll showing former president Trump defeating President Biden in a hypothetical general match-up, NBC political reporter Steve Kornacki raised the alarm.

With 44% of the vote going to Trump, he easily defeated Biden in a different general election matchup survey. According to Kornacki, who cited other polls, Biden has long held a lead over Trump in terms of “likability,” but the two are now neck and neck, as seen by NBC’s most recent findings.

Kornacki brought attention to the fact that the NBC survey showed Biden’s approval rating at an all-time low, something the president has never seen before. Based on the study’s results, just 40% of registered voters think Biden is doing well.

Even fewer Independents (30% of registered voters) were satisfied with Biden’s performance as president.

He said that when broken down by political affiliation, he finds this notable for two reasons. First, among independents, the disapproval ratio is clearly above 2:1. As the current president, you should avoid such a position, Kornacki noted. Additionally, he said that the 18–24 age group slightly preferred Donald Trump.

According to the survey, voters in the 18–24 age bracket favored Trump 46% to Biden 42%.

The survey shows that younger people are losing faith in Biden, primarily because they disapproved of his stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict. Among voters in the 18-34 age bracket, only 20% are satisfied with Biden’s war policies, while 70% are opposed.

The latest NBC poll omitted the third-party candidate, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., even though he had above 20% support in other previous surveys.

According to many recent surveys, the president is now behind Trump in general election matchups in crucial battleground states. According to a study by NBC/Siena College earlier this month, several critical battleground states showed that Biden was behind Trump.

Two surveys conducted in November showed Biden lagging behind Trump, and now NBC’s poll adds to the bad news for the president.